At Flusso Consulting we treat all our clients as unique.  There are however some common areas of a business which we focus our attention:

Is the way that work moves around your business as effective as it can be?  Not sure why delivery is never on time, quality is dropping, costs are increasing or clients not happy?  We identify where the problems are in your workflow processes and provide you and your work teams with solutions to ensure your product or service is always delivered on time, on budget, and within your standards of quality.

SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY               

Is your business using the right systems and technology?  Right for your delivery needs?  If so, is that technology being used properly by you and your people?  At Flusso Consulting we work with you to maximise the capabilities of your technology platforms in order to support the effective flow of work between your internal stakeholders and external clients and suppliers.


Are the cost of your service or product accurate?  From your basic service and product cost structures, to management accounts and reporting, we work with you to assess and adjust your cost and finance models to ensure accurate, and achievable, revenue targets and ongoing profitability.

Are the structures, roles and responsibilities of the people and teams in your business working effectively?  We evaluate the effectiveness of your people and teams to design solutions to rework and rewire where needed.  Solutions that ensure alignment with the greater output expectations of your business.
Change in any a business, whilst always well intended, is often poorly adopted by the people who are responsible for carrying out a new way of doing things.  This lack of adoption results in ongoing operational problems, decreasing motivation, unsatisfied clients, and ultimately, decreasing profitability. We partner with our clients to develop effective adoptions strategies which increase the probability of your change efforts reaping positive results for your business.

BUSINESS STRATEGY               

At Flusso we see your business as a connected system of critical operations that need to flow seamlessly in order to deliver on performance expectations.  We assess the effectiveness of areas such as Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations and administration to ensure that they too are working as effectively as possible in order to play their critical part in the overall success of your business.